I'm a South Florida-based graphic designer, husband and father of two boys. When I'm not too busy being those things I enjoy sketching out and designing some of the crazy ideas that float around in my head. One day I decided to put one of those ideas on a t-shirt, which lead to designing more t-shirts, and now those t-shirts have a site of their own. It has taken a lot of work... but is it really "work" if you enjoy doing it?

cool stories, bro

  • The "dj" in djkopet stands for David Jason... so no, definitely not a deejay!
  • djkopet is not just one Kopet, but a whole team of Kopets. My wife Maida, who is not only in charge of scheduling and all things money related, also handles many of my correspondences, because she's like better with words. My oldest son Benji, who aspires to become the first ever Jedi-Ninja Turtle, is in charge of promotions, which sometimes involves telling strangers "my daddy designed this shirt." And last but not least, my youngest son Lukas is our onesie model, and is currently next in line to become our toddler shirt model.
  • I go to the toy store at least once a week, because, ya know, I have kids.
  • My first ever exposure to Star Wars came at age three when my father took me to see Return of the Jedi, and it quickly ended with me crying and us leaving early. I guess the reviews at the time didn't mention that the cuddly, kid-friendly Ewoks don't appear until the second half of the movie. Needless to say, I have gotten around to watching the full movie since
  • Who knew that sitting in science class all those years ago drawing Ninja Turtles and Spiderman instead of listening to the teacher would actually pay off one day? I did, that's who!

"djkopet, hurricane of pop culture awesomeness"

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